Campuses gear up for FSU polls

Biratnagar, February 17:

Preparations for the upcoming Free Students’ Union polls scheduled for February 28 have begun at the Mahendra Morang Multiple College, Biratnagar.

A 15-member election commission has been constituted under the coordination of Prof Dinanath Choudhary for the same.

Besides the student unions affiliated to various agitating parties, the student bodies affiliated to the Nepal Samata Party, the Shibsena Nepal and the Kamal Thapa-led RPP have also shown keen interest in the polls.

There is the possibility of a keen contest between the student unions affiliated to the agitating parties, said Bhim Parajuli, the college Free Student Union secretary.A large number of students are associated with the Nepal Students’ Union (NSU) and the All Nepal National Free Students’ Union (ANNFSU) here. There are around 10,000 students studying in the Mahendra Morang college.

Similarly, preparations for the FSU polls are underway at the Biratnagar-based Degree College.

The majority of students in the college with nearly 2,200 students are affiliated to the NSU.