Case filed against ‘Godman’ Bomjan at Bara DPO

BARA: A case has been filed against self-styled ‘Godman’ Ram Bahadur Bomjan at the Bara District Police Office.

Parents of 34-year-old Suresh Kumar Ale Magar lodged a complaint against Bomjan for allegedly having a hand in the sudden and mysterious disappearance of their son.

The Ale couple has also made a plea to the authorities to look for their son who has been missing for the last three years.

According to Suresh’s parents, he, who had taken residence at Bomjan’s ashram at Halkhoria as his disciple, would come home at frequent intervals and stay for 5-7 days before returning to the ashram.

Suresh came to see his family around mid-May in 2015.

His father Hasta Bahadur Ale shared that Suresh was in two-minds about going back to the ashram the last time he visited them. He wanted to stay.

However, one of Ram Bahadur Bomjan’s close aides, Jas Bahadur Waiba came to know about Suresh’s predicament and somehow lured him into going to the ashram with him.

The Ale family has not heard from their son since then.

“We lost all contacts with him from 2015. We have no information on his whereabouts, or if he is alive at all. Our son has been taken away from us,” stated an anxious father.

The family has taken every measure that came across their minds in a bid to find Suresh. They’ve searched him at the ashram and have also visited Kathmandu once in hope of tracing his whereabouts.

“The people at Halkhoriya ashram said that Suresh had left the ashram. We’ve tried everything at a personal level and there seems to be no end to our wait. As such, we decided to seek police help,” Hasta Bahadur elaborated.

“My only son disappeared from under Bomjan’s guardianship. We filed a complaint to investigate the truth and bring him back home,” his mother Nanda Maya Ale stated.

Meanwhile, the Bara District Police Office has informed that a complaint has been registered at the office by the Ale couple. “We will use all our resources for the search mission,” said Superintendent of Police Sanuram Bhattarai.

It has been learnt that several other people that took residence at the ashram as Bomjan's disciples have also gone missing.

Nepali online news portal Setopati ( had recently published an investigative report series on persons missing from Halkhoriya ashram while also bringing on surface sexual-exploitation allegations against the 'Maitreyi Buddha'.