Kavre, February 19 The Sindhupalchowk prison has decided to file cases against jailbirds, who had fled from the prison during the earthquake last year and have turned themselves in recently. There are as many as 30 jailbirds, who have turned themselves in to the Dhulikhel-based Kavre district prison, after being on the run for months after the earthquake. According to the district administration, cases will be filed against the inmates for escaping from jail during the earthquake. “Though they have surrendered, the administration in Sindhupalchowk is mulling to file case against them as escaping from prison is a criminal offence,” said jailor at the district prison Mahesh Kumar Pokharel, adding, “Though five of the inmates have completed their prison terms, they too might have to stay in prison for escaping from prison.” The decision of the Sindhupalchowk administration to file cases against the inmates is against the earlier decision to grant them amnesty if they came into contact. On April 25, last year, a total of 216 jailbirds had escaped from the prison after the earthquake damaged the prison building. Of them, 92 have returned to the prison in Sindhupalchowk. Although 13 of them have completed their prison terms, the district administration is mulling to file cases against them for escaping from the prison. “Regardless of the circumstances under which they escaped from prison, they won’t be spared,” said chief of Sindhupalchowk prison. Of the jailbirds who escaped from prison during the quake, 94 are still out of contact.