Caste discrimination rampant in Bajura

Bajura, December 11

It has been reported that a large amount of milk sold by Kumal community at Barhabisha VDC, Devalsain in Bajura goes unsold just because the sellers belong to the Dalit community.

According to Mathu Kumal of the locality, though there is considerable demand for milk in Betalmandu, Rithabazaar, Kapritola and Dab bazaar among other areas of the district, nobody buys their milk because they belong to a lower social caste.

Almost 70 Kumal households of the locality have kept at least one to two buffaloes. “As nobody shows interest in purchasing our produce, there is no point in collecting the milk.

We consume as much as we can while the rest of the milk goes to waste, “lamented Kumal.

Local Ramesh Nepali said the so-called upper-caste communities still practiced untouchability in the area. “I had to sell my buffalo since all the milk went to waste.

A buffalo costs Rs 50,000,” regretted Ram BK.

Sher Bahadur Thapa, a hotelier in Betalmandu, said he didn’t buy the milk from Kumals fearing his customers may not visit his shop.

Ram Bahadur Sunar, Dalit Network Bajura Chairperson, said no one in Barjugad, Tipada, Kolti, Martadi bought anything from the Dalit community.

People from Dalit community said they were discriminated against for belonging to lower social class.

People from the Dalit community are also not allowed to stay in hotels in Piluchour and Kabadi bazaar, said local Shankar BK. “We are compelled hide our identities fearing discrimination,” said Shankar.

Though there is a single water source, there are separate taps for Dalits and non-Dalits in almost all areas of the district.