CC proposes names for chair of five constitutional bodies

KATHMANDU: A meeting of the Constitutional Council on Sunday has proposed the names of officials to head five constitutional bodies with vacant chairperson posts.

Constitutional bodies and recommended Chairpersons

1. National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission- One of the major constitutional organs, the National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission will work to mainly determine detailed basis and modality for the distribution of revenues between the Federal, State and Local Governments out of the Federal Consolidated Fund in accordance with the Constitution and law and to make recommendation about equalization grants to be provided to the State and Local Governments out of the Federal Consolidated Fund. The Constitutional Council has forwarded the name of Balananda Poudel as the commissions' chair.

2. National Inclusion Commission- Article 258 of Nepal Constitution requires National Inclusion Commission  to consist a chairperson and four other members who will study and forward suggestions to government for the protection of rights of and interests of the communities, including Khas Arya, Pichhada class, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, labors, peasants, minorities and marginalised community among others. The Constitutional Council has recommended Shanta Raj Subedi as the commissions' chair.

3. Madhesi Commission- As per Article 262, Madhesi Commission shall work for the protection of the rights and interests of the Madhesi nationalities. Bijay Kumar Dutta has been proposed as Madhesi Commissions' Chair.

4. Tharu Commission- Article 263 requires the Tharu Commission to work for protectiuon of rights and interest of Tharu communities. The Constitutional Council has recommended  Bishnu Prasad Chaudary as its Chair.

5. Muslim Commission- Like the Madhesi and Tharu Commissions, the Muslim Commission shall focus its functions and duties to preserve interests of the Muslim community. Samim Ansari has been proposed as its Chair.

As per the Constitution of Nepal, the President shall, on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council, appoint the Chairperson and members of all the aforementioned constitutional bodies.