CDO visits remote Bajura village


Bajura Chief District Officer Krishna Gaire has reached Muktikot of Swamikartik Rural Municipality to gather information about the problems people face in Bajura. Muktikot is three days walking distance from the district headquarters.

The locals were excited after the CDO visited the remote area. Most of the residents at Muktikot are impoverished Dalits. Extreme poverty has hit the Dalits hard. DSP Madanjit Mahara, and APF DSP Dipendra Bista reached the remote village along with the CDO.

Gaire is the only CDO who has reached the remote area till date.

Muktikot is a geographically disadvantaged region. None of the middle-level staff want to go to the remote village. A local, Dhan BK, said the villagers looked elated when they welcomed CDO to their locality. Another local, Man Luwar, said even political leaders had not reached the area.

The CDO–led team held discussions on the lifestyle of the people, and their safety and security.