Kathmandu, January 19:

The Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Studies (CEHURDES) has expressed its concern over some provisions in the Interim Constitution saying they may undermine press freedom.

While welcoming the promulgation of the statute as another key step in the current peace process, the CEHURDES expressed its concern with the provision related to fundamental rights that allows the government to restrict publication or broadcast of news, views, editorial or electronic transmission, etc. by enacting laws. “CEHURDES is concerned that the said provision could be misused by the authorities,” a statement issued by the group said.

“CEHURDES is also concerned about the provision (Article 15.4) that says: The government will not obstruct print or electronic media or means of communication such as telephone except in accordance with law,” it said adding that this provision “could be misused to suppress freedom of expression” as was seen during the royal regime, the statement said.