Chaath brings different communities together

Rajbiraj, November 5

Chhath fever has gripped the locals of Saptari who are now busy  preparing for the festival. Though previously observed by the Madhesi communities only, residents from hilly regions too have started marking the festival with gusto and enthusiasm.

History and Culture Professor Dr Pitambar Lal Yadav at Mahendra Bindeswori Campus in Rajbiraj said Chhath celebrations had brought people from different communities and ethnic groups together.

Pabitra Devi Ram from Sarswor VDC-7, Saptari shared that she first started fasting as she wished for the recovery of her daughter’s skin disease. “Miraculously, my daughter was healed. So I continued fasting during Chhath every year,” she said, adding that another time she had wished for a grandson from her daughter-in-law. “Consequently, my daughter-in-law delivered the baby boy a year later.” She firmly believes that offering prayers to the Sun God during the festival does fulfil one’s wishes.

Chhath festival begins immediately after Tihar. On the first day, devotees take a holy bath and have meals as per the prevailing tradition. A 36-hour long fasting commences on the second day. On the third day, devotees offer prayers to the setting sun and festival concludes on the fourth day by offering prayers to the rising sun.

Locals say preparations for Chhath at many water bodies including Koshi Barrage, Bhagawati Lake, Balan Khola and the Triyuga River have been completed in the district. The rivers, streams and lakes have been cleaned up and adorned for Chhath celebrations.