Chandrauta shut over sand dispute

Chandrauta, July 29:

Following a dispute between businessmen and police, Chandrauta Bazaar of Kapilvastu remained closed and vehicles on Kapilvastu section of the East-West highway remained off

the road today.

The bazaar was closed at the call of Chandrauta Chamber of Commerce and Industry to protest the seizure of a tractor loaded with sand by the police. The tractor was ferrying sand from Wakalpur river, locals said. Local businessmen clashed with the police demanding that they be allowed to use the resources of the river. They accused the police of partiality, saying that some other businessmen were not barred from lifting the sand from the river.

The DDC had wanted to issue a contract award for the sale of sand through a tender, but the businessmen refused it saying that the DDC set a very high price for the contract.