Charikot needs slaughter house

The local people of Charikot, the district headquarters Dolakha, have been deprived of having clean and fresh meat to consume owing to the lack of systematised slaughter houses here.

The livestock service act-2055 and its regulation-2057 contains a provision for compulsory check-ups of livestock by veterinary doctors to prove that such livestock do not suffer from any disease. But the provisions are not put into practice due to the lack of systematised slaughter houses in the district.

Butchers are haphazardly slaughtering animals and selling their meats at the places convenient to them in the absence of such a slaughter houses and specific places for its sale which Bhimeshwar municipality has to construct. So far, no authority seems to have given serious attention in this regard.

There is a fear of diseases spreading among local people and the students in the periphery of Kalinchowk Secondary School and Dolakha district post office because of the refuses of the livestock discarded haphazardly by butchers in these localities.

Jackals and stray dogs are seen dragging such refuses here and there in the day time, headmaster of the secondary school Krishna Prasad Gautam said.

What the technicians further point out is that the meats of livestock which are kept on sale openly after being slaughtered on the streets and at the galleys get polluted before reaching the consumers. Furthermore, the scene of flies hovering a round these places is disgusting.

As the concerned authority shows apathetic attitude in providing medical check-ups for livestock prior to their slaughter, the butchers are selling meats of sick animals or some other type of animals.

It is after all the local people who have to consume of such polluted meats.

According to the municipality, suitable land is being searched for the construction of slaughter house in the town in order to make clean and fresh meat available to the local people.

The municipality is thinking of taking stringent measures on the sale of meats to the people.