Chief Secy directs govt authorities not to spend unnecessary budget under pressure

PARBAT: Chief Secretary Lilamani Poudyal directed the government authorities in Parbat district not to spend budget wastefully.

Addressing the chiefs of the district-based government offices in Kushma, the headquarters of the district, today, he said, “Do not spend the budget on unnecessary topics succumbing to undue pressure but put the budget amount in the freeze if you see possibilities of misuse of the budget.”

The Chief Secretary also urged the government officials to discourage the trend of transferring the budget to other headings just to stop it from going in freeze. “Action would be taken against the office if anyone is found doing so," said the Chief Secretary.

It has been reported that the structures that sustained minor damages due to the earthquake are kept in the list of completely damaged structures giving pressure to the VDC secretaries, Chief Secretary Poudyal said. He urged the VDC Secretaries not to give spaces to the wrong activities while assuring that the government would protect the VDC secretaries if they were in difficulties while doing good.

He said Nepali bureaucracy has to be criticised for being indifferent to the service recipients and for failing to have right conduct, urging the civil servants to move ahead carrying out the activities to prove these allegations against them wrong.

During the programme, Regional Administrator Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya said there has been heavy misuse of government properties in the name of community buildings and suggested not to spend budget to construct the community buildings. Most of such structures are useless right now, added Tapaliya.