Children ‘grill’ minister Nepal

Kathmandu, June 14:

Schoolchildren from different parts of the country quizzed Minister for Education and Sports Pradeep Nepal at his office today. Interestingly, the minister found some of the questions too tough to answer.

The inquisitive minds ‘grilled’ the minister on topics ranging from Millennium Development Goals on education to lack of uniformity between curricula of private and government schools. “What is your educational qualification? How many children do you have, where are they studying and at what standard?” asked Anjana Lama, a sixth-grader at the Pragati Sikha Sadan.

Nepal said he studied under the old education system and the education he received is obsolete now. But he had no answers ready to the questions that followed. The schoolchildren, also members of ‘Children’s Clubs’ based in different districts, got to quiz Nepal during a face-to-face organised under the aegis of Save the Children Alliance.

They asked the minister about the different curricula in private and community schools, government plans for making education available to all and realisation of the MDGs on education. “We are optimistic that we can accomplish them (the MDGs),” he said.

Melina Budhathoki, a tenth-grader at the Sindhupalchowk-based

Mahendrodaya Higher Secondary School, said: “I found the education minister completely different from other ministers.” “He has a vision, plans and confidence.”