Surkhet police rescue kids from forced Kathmandu journey

DOLPA: Surkhet police have recently rescued at least 27 children who were being taken to Kathmandu without their guardians' permission.

Police said the children from Tinje VDC in Dolpa were being taken to Kathmandu to teach them Buddha’s teachings.

The rescued children are from five to15-year-old. They were being taken without the permission of their parents, DSP Bahadur Jung Malla informed.

Similarly, police have also arrested Chojin Jistu (28) who was held responsible of transferring the children.

Police have handed the rescued children to the Surkhet District Women and Children's Office. Among the 27, nine were already studying in Kathmandu.

Bhoj Kala Dawadi of the DWCO said preparations were underway to send them back to Dolpa via Jajarkot.