CNP preparing to bring in wild water buffaloes, swamp deer

Chitwan, January 12

Chitwan National Park is preparing to have wild water buffaloes and swamp deer transported to the park very soon.

An enclosure has been constructed in Padampur area of the national park, and a road to reach it has also been built.

Chief Protection Officer at the park Ram Chandra Kandel is planning a visit Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve with a team of technicians and experts to bring wild water buffaloes on January 17 and 18.  A meeting about the transfer of the wild water buffaloes was held in the presence of the deputy director general of the Department of National Parks recently.

CNP’s Information Officer Nurendra Aryal said that a team of 15 persons including senior veterinarians and experts will go to Koshi Tappu to bring the wild water buffaloes.

As many as 20 buffaloes, including five males, will be kept inside three enclosures, two of which were recently built. The national park is preparing to have electric wire fencing to protect the buffaloes from tigers.

Chitwan National Park is also preparing to transfer two wild water buffaloes here from the Central Zoo.  “After this transfer, as many as 25 swamp deer, including five males, will be transferred here from Shuklaphanta National Park,” Kandel said.

Corrected: wild water buffaloes for wild buffaloes and swamp deer for musk deer