Chopper to ferry ballot papers to Taplejung

PHIDIM: A chopper will be used to ferry ballot papers from four voting centres of Faktalunglung Rural Municipality-4 to Taplejung headquarters in Taplejung on Monday.

Taplejung’s Chief Returning Officer Kripasur Karki said the chopper would have to be used as it would take four days to get to the headquarters through the road route. Ballot papers from Yangma, Olangchunggola, Gyabla and Ghunsa will be brought to headquarters Fungling in a chopper.

Meanwhile, only 16 votes were cast in the far-flung Yangma voting centre at Faktanglung Rural Municipality-7. The voting centre has 57 eligible voters. It is learnt that the voting turnout was very low as people had already migrated to the Tarai, including Kathmandu, to avoid the freezing cold.

Of the 16 who cast their ballots, 11 are males and five females, said Karki.