CIAA panel tells govt offices to cut red tape

Biratnagar, August 20:

The Morang coordination committee of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has directed all government offices in the district to do away with red-tapism and expedite official works.

In its 21-point directives to the government offices throughout the district, the CIAA has told them to set up help desks and follow the formulated code of conduct for offices and employees. The employees have been directed to fulfil their prescribed duties according to norms and regulations.

Senior employees have been directed to delegate responsibilities to their juniors in an organised manner. The CIAA has directed all offices to put up public notices mentioning the officials’ names and their responsibilities.

Morang chief district officer Madhav Regmi said the committee has sent copies of the directives to 110 government offices.

The committee has already formed a three-member sub-panel for monitoring the government offices, said head of the sub-panel Padam Acharya.

Strict action will be taken against those government offices and employees who do not follow the directives, he said, adding that each government office has been told to keep its working transparent, hold regular interactions about how to improve functioning and hold public hearings.

Acharya said the offices have also been told to take news reports in newspapers seriously and modify their working style and quality accordingly.

The sub-panel has set a one-month deadline for monitoring the government offices. It has also drawn up a rule book which will be published soon and distributed to all government offices, said CDO Regmi. The rule has been implemented in 11 districts of the country under the first phase of the transparency and efficiency drive.