Civic body gets report on unused plots

Kathmandu, March 12:

A committee formed by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City to find out the status of unused plots of public land in the city has submitted its report, but the metropolitan office is finding it a tough nut to crack on how to bring the land to effective use.

Gyanendra Karki, coordinator of the committee, said there were more than 1,000 plots of unused land in Kathmandu valley. “The main objective of the study was to protect the plots from encroachment upon. “

He said the committee had suggested erecting barbed-wire fence around the plots. “We have also proposed forming consumers’ forum to protect the plots,” Karki said. “The committee was formed in 2007/08.

We have submitted several proposals to the government for the effective use of these plots.”

Shanta Ram Pokhrel, chief, administration department, KMC, said that the data of unused plots of land was collected with the coordination of different wards and authorities concerned. He said, KMC has to take permission of the government to use these plots.