Clarification sought from Province 1 PA members


Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Province 1 Parliamentary Party has directed the PA members involved in registering a no-confidence motion against Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai to furnish clarification.

On behalf of the party, NCP Parliamentary Party Chief Whip Buddhi Kumar Rajbhandari issued the directive today telling PA members, who were involved in registering the no-confidence motion, to withdraw the motion immediately and furnish their clarification within 24 hours.

“The act of some 37 NCP PA members secretly registering a no-confidence motion with the Provincial Assembly Secretariat without holding any prior discussion in the parliamentary party is an act against the party statute. So the party hereby instructs the PA members to withdraw the motion immediately and furnish their written clarification,” reads the letter sent by Rajbhandari to the PA members concerned.

Further, Rajbhandari has also warned of action against PA members if they failed to furnish a satisfactory clarification.