Clear city sky today

Kathmandu, February 4:

The met office has good news for Kathmanduites. The coming three days will be clear and warm in Kathmandu, said Shiva Nepal, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Forecasting Division, adding that the winter, however, is here to stay until February-end with the weather fluctuating.

The past four days witnessed biting cold with the mercury hovering around 0.6 to -0.5 degrees Celsius at the lowest.

Today, the minimum temperature in Kathmandu stood at -0.2 degrees Celsius.

Nepal attributed the chilly weather in Kathmandu to the western disturbances, which he

said are a recurring pattern that come and go in certain interval and there is a high chance of their recurrence in a few days bringing the winter chill back.

The disturbances cause snowfalls and cloudy conditions resulting in sharp drop in temperature, he said.

He said the days have remained hazy and snowfalls in different parts of the country have caused the chill. “However, the disturbances that cause the winter events have departed as of today,” he said.