CM Poudel blames teachers for poor performance of community schools

Heutauda, January 31

Bagmati Province Chief Minister Dormani Poudel blamed lack of seriousness on part of the teachers for poor quality of education in community schools.

“As the teachers in community schools are keen only on drawing salaries rather than doing their job sincerely, that has affected the quality of education in such schools,” said the CM, inaugurating a newly-built building of Buddha Secondary School in Pantale, Hetauda sub-metropolis, today.

The school building was reconstructed by National Reconstruction Authority.

“If the teachers in community schools were to be serious, these schools would be able to compete with private schools,” the CM added. He argued development was not possible by scattering budget on small projects.

“We have to spend budget on the sectors or projects that will bring noticeable change in people’s life and fulfil people’s basic needs,” he said, calling for a change in the past strategy of development.

On the occasion, NRA Chief Executive Officer Sushil Gyawali underscored the need to elevate the standard of education at community schools.

“Education should not be treated as business but should be treated as divine source of knowledge,” he said, asking teachers, guardians and students to focus on maintaining quality of education.

The NRA chief said a total of 7,553 schools across the country were being built with its fund. “There are some 252 schools being reconstructed in Makawanpur alone,” he said.