CNP hotel workers’ plea to PAC

CHITWAN: Different workers’ organisations have suggested to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to ensure proper working environment for the hotel and resort employees in the Chitwan National Park. The parliamentary PAC members were here today to get a feel of the working condition in the conservation area. They suggested that the government should safeguard the workers’ jobs.

Gopal Kunwar, central member, Federation of All Nepal Trade Union, said that the workers should not be victimised if there were any dispute with the hotels and resorts’ management. The PAC members held talks with the representatives of the Federation of All Nepal Trade Union, Federation of Nepal Trade Union, Nepal Trade Union Congress (Independent), All Nepal Hotel and Restaurant Workers’ Union.

The seven hotels in the conservation area employ 1,400 workers. These hotels have been shut since July 16 as the government is yet to extend their licenses. A team, headed by CA member Narayan Dahal, returned to the capital today after studying the ground reality.