Communism will destroy democracy, says PM

Rajbiraj/Birgunj/Hetauda, November 30

Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba today argued that if communist forces rule in the country, they will curtail the people’s right to property.

Speaking at an election campaign organised at Kathauna Bazaar of Shambhunath Municipality in Saptari today, PM Deuba said communists would end the rule of law in the country. “If communist forces rule the country, democracy will vanish. People’s right to property also will be curtailed. The country will not witness another election if the communists win. Hence, the democratic forces need to win as communists forces are against the democratic system,” argued Deuba.

He accused the CPN-UML of obstructing the NC’s move to amend the statute to address various demands put forth by the people of the plains. “We had taken initiative to fulfil the demands of the Madhesi community through constitution amendment but CPN-UML shattered all the dreams of the people,” charged Deuba.

Deuba said black topping of Kathauna-Pato road and Shambhunath-Banainiya road would be completed within the current fiscal. He pledged to open postal road along the Rupani-Gaighat section if the Nepali Congress formed the government after elections.

Addressing another election rally in Birgunj  today, Deuba said, “Communism is a one-party rule, which doesn’t allow  freedom to people, and everywhere, it’s fear that rules.”

He  again held the CPN-UML responsible for the failed statute amendment bid,  he pledged to amend the constitution as per the wishes of the Madhesi  populace if elected with majority.

“We did try to amend the  constitution but it couldn’t happen due to the pig-headedness of the  UML. Now if the NC wins this election with majority, we will make sure  the statue is amended as per the aspirations of the Madhesi people,”  said the NC supremo, identifying his party as an advocate of the Madhes  and its agenda.

He also said victory for the democratic alliance was a precondition to attract foreign investment to the country.

Addressing yet another meeting in Thaha Municipality,  Makawanpur, he accused the left alliance of contriving to impose  one-party communist rule in the country.

“It is still fresh in our  memory how Congress defeated the autocratic Rana regime and introduced  democracy in the country after a long struggle, but lo and behold, the  left alliance is now all set to supplant the hard-earned democracy with  one-party rule,” said the NC chief.

Further, he claimed that his  party’s majority win in the current election was inevitable. “As the  people see through the left alliance’s strategy, I am sure they will  vote for democracy and freedom,” he said, likening the present election  as a referendum on multi-party democracy or one-party communism.