‘Communists jeopardising nationality’

Pokhara, December 31

Nepali Congress Vice-president Bijay Kumar Gachhadar today said the NC had no choice but to unite to thwart the Nepal Communist Party (NCP)’s authoritarianism.

Addressing a programme organised by Nepali Congress Kaski in Pokhara on the occasion of the 43rd National Unity and Reconciliation Day, Gachhadar warned that factionalism would further weaken the party. “NC has to be one and strong to overcome challenges of the present political condition,” he added.

Noting that NC had power to prevent any kind of authoritarianism in the country, Gachhadar stated that his party had always worked to topple tyrannical governments from the Rana regime onwards. He stressed that his party had the guts to fight the authoritarianism of the communists as well.

Gachhadar said that he had advised both Sher Bahadur Deuba and Ramchandra Paudel not to be entangled in the politics of factionalism, but to unite to provide a new lease of life to the party. “Both leaders and the party should be united emotionally and ideologically to revive the NC’s lost pride,” Gachhadar added.

Gachhadar said the domination of communists had put national integrity, parliamentary system and democracy in jeopardy.