Conspiracy being hatched to create instability in country, claims Rawal

Dhangadi, November 6

CPN-UML Vice-chairman Bhim Rawal today said various forces were hatching conspiracy to create instability in the country.

Speaking at a programme held in Dhangadi, Rawal slammed the government for causing the general public to suffer in the name of welcoming foreign dignitaries. “The government made the public suffer and tarnished the country’s image,” said Rawal.

He also rued the government’s announcement of a public holiday during Indian President Parnab Mukherjee’s state visit and added that the same had invited pubic criticism and disappointment.

Rawal said the statute had ensured the rights of people from all communities.

Stating that the delay in holding the election of local bodies had led to the underdevelopment of remote areas, Rawal stressed on holding polls pronto to speed up development work in the far flung parts of the country.

He also claimed that some elements were making all out efforts to create instability in the country. He held that the intact far west was provisioned for the region’s development.