‘Constitution amendment solution to Tarai problems’

Pokhara, October 15

Former prime minister Baburam Bhattarai today said the problems of Madhesh should be settled through amendment of the constitution.

Speaking at an interaction organised by Sambad Nepal in Pokhara today, Bhattarai said, “First let’s settle the problems of Madhes.” The ongoing blockade is the result of the Sugauli treaty. This is because of the dependency of our country on another one. Hence, we need to work towards self-reliance. The misunderstanding should be resolved through a diplomatic strategy.” He demanded unity among political parties to sort out the problem.

Bhattarai also said the Tharu community in Madhes have been discriminated for years. Hence, their concerns must be addressed through amendment of the constitution. “Tarai-Madhes is shut for two months now. The constitution has pleased some groups of people but made some others cry.

Hence, it should be amended to ensure the ownership of all the people,” said Bhattarai. He also said that until the country becomes financially strong, it will be difficult to implement the constitution.

The main policy of the country should be development and service-centred but political leaders in the country have made politics their profession. Hence, it has sidelined the main concerns of the country and people, he said. He also accused the leaders of being corrupt.

Bhattarai also unveiled that he would work for economic prosperity and appealed for support of other leaders of his new forces in the days ahead.