Under-construction Kamala bridge in limbo for four years

SINDHULIMADI: The contractor had started works for construction of a bridge over the Kamala River along the Gaighat-Chatara-Sindhuli-Hetaunda alternative road four years ago. But, less than the half work has been done so far.

The bridge, when constructed, would connect Hatpate and Nipane villages in Sindhuli district.

But, the construction site wears a deserted look these days as there is no any person representing the contractor company. Two locals have been using a hut constructed to house the construction workers as their home!

It was expected that the 546-memtre bridge would facilitate the transportation of locals of nearly 20 VDCs of the district after the construction.

The Pappu-Lumbini JV Construction Company had taken the responsibility of the construction.

But, the company in past four years only erected 15 pillars for the bridge.

Former lawmaker Bisham Lal Adhikari Danuwar lamented that he frequently requested the contractor to complete the work within the deadline, but the contractor turned a deaf ear.

He further said only 40 per cent of the construction work had been completed so far.

Dunuwar further said the supply of daily essentials including medicines had been hampered for the want of a motorable bridge.

The situation would turn worse in the summer as the villages are very prone to snake bite cases, he feared.

The World Bank had granted Rs 320 million for the bridge construction four years ago.