Construction of mobile towers in limbo in Sindhuli

Sindhulimadi, September 11

Dozens of GSM mobile towers under construction by Nepal Telecom have been left in a lurch in Sindhuli.

Construction work on twenty GSM mobile towers, contracted to a Chinese company Huway, had started almost three years ago. Today, of the 20 towers, only five have come into operation.

Locals said that although the construction works were supposed to be completed within two years after the project started, work has been halted due to the company’s negligence.

It reportedly takes Rs 10 million to build one GSM mobile tower.

The delay in completion of the project has hit service seekers very hard.

According to Nepal Telecom, Sindhuli, construction work on the tower had started at many places including Hariharpurgadi, Pipalmadi, Bastipur, Mahadevsthan, Khangsarang, Bhimsthan, Tinkanya, and Kamalamai Municipality.

Technician at Nepal Telecom, Sindhuli, Nabraj Karki said that mobile towers in Jhara, three places at Kamalamai, and Bhimsthan are operational.

Karki said that his office has requested Huway to complete the work at the earliest. As many as 13 GSM mobile towers are operating at six places of the municipality: Harsahi, Dudhauli, Bhimeswor, Jhara, Bhadrakali and Hatpate.

Data at Nepal Telecom, Sindhuli, showed that there are 576 GSM postpaid mobile users, 35,798 prepaid users, 636 prepaid sky phone users and 13,484 prepaid users, 96 prepaid CDMA users, and 1,361 landline users in the district.