Cops accused of taking bribe

Damak, March 31:

Inspector Kamal Thapa and ASI Ganga Rai at Damak Area Police Office of Jhapa have been accused of taking bribes from local traders.

“The duo extracted a hefty bribe from us while we were ferrying firewood from Ilam-based community forest yesterday. Though we had fulfilled all necessary procedures, the police forced us to cough up Rs 60,000 to allow us to ferry each tractor-load of firewood,” said Bina Rai of Banjho-2 in Ilam.

“The police had seized five tractors which were carrying firewood,” she said. Rai said that police seized the tractors claiming that the firewood was being ferried without informing the district forest office.

The police also threatened to take action traders who were asked to pay bribes. Inspector Thapa denied the allegation.