Corruption control stressed

Khotang, January 7

Defence minister Bhimsen Das Pradhan today stated that good governance, prosperity and corruption control were the main responsibilities of the new government.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Nepal Press Union in Diktel of Khotang today, Minister Pradhan said the new government to be formed by the left alliance should lead the country towards good governance and prosperity by curbing rampant corruption. He also said that Nepali Congress would stay as a constructive opposition and support the government for the upcoming five years. “We wish the upcoming government will ensure good governance, prosperity and curb corruption. We are ready to be a constructive opposition for the upcoming five years,” said minister Pradhan.

He stressed that press freedom, human rights, good governance, inclusion, proportional representation, rule of law, fair judiciary and democracy should not be jeopardised at any cost.

“Though the Nepali Congress lost the election in most places, it was a victory for democracy and ultimately it was everyone’s victory,” said Pradhan.

Minister Pradhan met the fire victims of Halesi before reaching Diktel today.