Rastriya Samachar Samiti

Bharatpur, January 5:

The Chitwan District Court recently ordered a man, who had divorced his wife, to return the dowry that he had accepted from his in-laws in the marriage.

The decision came in response to a case filed by Saroj Dhakal, a resident of Patiyani VDC-2 in Chitwan, demanding that her ex-husband return back the dowry.

This landmark decision is possibly the first in the country, according to legal practitioners here. Saroj has also filed a case on property share and forgery against her former husband Maniram Dhakal, according to the court.

A single bench of judge Giriraj Poudel issued the order asking Dhakal to return the dowry worth Rs 55, 0140.

Saroj had demanded a return of the dowry worth Rs 111,852 but following statements by witnesses and evidence, the court ordered to return the goods worth only 55,0140.