Court summons petitioner in Adhikari murder case

Chitwan, February 25

Chitwan District Court today issued summons to Nur Prasad Adhikari, the person who had filed FIR against the alleged murderer of his brother Krishna Prasad Adhikari during the Maoist insurgency.

Chitwan District Court Judge Kul Prasad Sharma issued the summons.

According to Information Officer at the court Keshav Prasad Adhikari, Nur Prasad has been summoned to the court as there was no recorded statement with the court.

“Though state witnesses were supposed to be brought to the court by security personnel, the court itself had to issue the order as Nur Prasad was not in contact with police personnel after they issued a charge-sheet. It is mandatory for Nur Prasad to report to the court for necessary statement,” said Officer Adhikari.

Though the hearing on the case was postponed several times in the past, it has finally begun from today. It has been more than-one-and-a-half years since arguments from lawyers of both the sides — plaintiff and defendants — were recorded.

The case had been filed in the court four years ago. The lawyers had recorded their last argument in September 2016. After the arguments, then district Judge Tek Narayan Kunwar had ordered the lawyers to present their arguments in writing.

Following the order, the lawyers had presented their arguments in writing in October, 2016. But the hearing dates on the case had been postponed ever since. Finally, it was fixed for today

Late Krishna Prasad Adhikari of Fujel, Gorkha, was allegedly murdered on June 6, 2004 by cadres of then CPN-Maoist when he had gone to visit his grandparents in Ratnanagar, Chitwan. The deceased’s brother Nur Prasad and father Nanda Prasad had filed a case with police.

After one-and-a-half years, Nur Prasad had registered an FIR holding 13 individuals responsible for his brother’s killing at District Police Office, Chitwan.

As the investigation stayed pending for long, Krishna Prasad’s parents Nanda Prasad and Ganga Maya went on a fast-unto-death.

In the wake of their hunger strike, Chitwan Police initiated investigation into the case from July 2013. While Nanda Prasad and Ganga Maya’s hunger strike was on, a murder case was lodged against the 13 accused at District Court Chitwan on 13 April, 2014. Later, Nanda Prasad passed away when he was on fast-unto-death at Bir Hospital on 22 September 2014.