COVID-19 treatment facility in Birgunj to be shifted

BIRGUNJ: The Birgunj-based Narayani Hospital is to come into operation as a general hospital while Gandak Hospital will be established as COVID-19 treatment facility in the metropolitan city.

The 27 COVID-19 patients who are currently receiving treatment at Narayani Hospital will be shifted to Gandak Hospital by Sunday, stated the mayor of Birgunj Metropolitan City, Vijaya Kumar Sarawogi.

A meeting participated by health officials from the Health Ministry, mayor of the metropolis, and medical superintendent of Narayani Hospital took a decision to this effect, on Saturday.

The medical team from Naryani Hospital will to be mobilised at Gandak Hospital to carry out the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

After Narayani Hospital was converted into special COVID-19 hospital, people had to go to private clinics with hefty fees for their health checkups.

The Narayani Hospital will be properly disinfected prior to coming into operation as a general hospital, added the mayor, while preparations were underway to place 200 beds for potential COVID-19 cases at Gandak Hospital.