UML boycotts swearing-in at Bharatpur Metropolis

BHARATPUR: The CPN-UML has boycotted the swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected local body representatives in Bharatpur Metropolis today.

Vice Chairman of the UML’s district committee Tejendra Khadka said that his party boycotted the event as people who tore the ballot papers and conspired during the elections were also present on the occasion.”

Khadka further demanded the Election Office to organise a separate oath taking ceremony for the victorious UML representatives at the earliest.

CPN-MC's mayoral candidate Renu Dahal has bagged Bharatpur Metropolis while Nepali Congress's Parbati Shah won the post of deputy mayor.

UML, NC and CPN-MC won 14, 12 and three wards of the metropolis respectively. The metropolis has 29 wards.

Re-polling was conducted at Ward No 19 on Friday. Earlier, election was held in the metropolis on May 14 in the first round of civic polls.

However, some CPN-MC representatives had torn ballot papers on the night of May 28 when vote counting of Ward No 19 was on, subsequently leading to a halt in vote counting.