CPN-Unified mulls merger with Unified CPN-Maoist

KATHMANDU: With a view to creating a single centre for all revolutionary communists, Navaraj Subedi-led CPN-Unified begun talks with the Unified CPN-Maoist yesterday for the merger of the two parties.

A dialogue held between the teams of both the parties at the Maoist headquarters in Paris Danda decided to take the merger process ahead by clearing out persisting ideological differences.

Senior vice-chairman Mohan Baidhya ‘Kiran’ has led the Maoist talks team while Subedi is the convener the CPN-Unified team. The date of merger, however, is yet to be fixed. The leaders said they could not fix the same because of the upcoming conferences of both the parties. The UCPN-Maoist is planning an extended central committee meeting while the CPN-Unified is preparing for a gathering of its cadres from across the country in two weeks’ time.

Subedi said the parties had some differences on ideology, working plan, organisational structure and state restructuring. However, the teams have agreed to sort them out before the merger. Baidhya and Subedialso appealed revolutionary cadres of other political parties to join the unification campaign.