Crusher industries yet to abide by new rules in Kailali

DHANGADHI: Crusher industries in Kailali district have not been following the standards set by the government.

They are in operation following outdated standards. Many of the industries which are in operation are said to be mobile. No initiative has been taken to make them comply with the present requirements.

As provisioned in the standard set by the authorities for excavation, sales and management of stones, pebbles and sand in 2077 BS, the crusher industries should maintain a distance of 500 metres from the highway, motorable bridge, historical lakes, rivers among other water bodies, and have to be established at least two kilometres away from educational institutions, hospitals, security posts, forest areas, and densely populated settlements.

Likewise, it has been stipulated that the industry has to maintain a distance of 1,500m from the Chure range and 200m distance from high-tension electric transmission line. The crusher industry are required to cover the equipment when not in use, along with water filtration system, and should plant trees in its surrounding areas. Further, the industry has to carry out an environmental study.

However, most of the crusher industries in the district do not fulfil these standards.

Manager at local Hemkunda Crusher Industry, Laxman Saud, said that none of the crusher industries in the district has maintained the standards set by the government. He said all the crusher industries have been operating as per the outdated standard and added that local levels who have the right to enforce the law have not taken any initiative to change that.

Chief at Cottage and Small Industry Office, Kailali, Nawaraj Bhatta said the office does not have the right to regularise the industries. He said the office could only proceed with a correspondence to high-level bodies concerned after the local level recommends to take action against the industry which does not abide by the new rules.

In the new rules set by the government, it has been provisioned that an eight-member committee in coordination of District Coordination Committee chief would monitor the crusher industry. However, it has been reported that the monitoring committee has not shown any interest.

Kailali District Coordination Committee chief Surya Bahadur Thapa informed that the DCC has sent letters to the local levels and the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding directive to the industries to abide by the new rules.