Cured patients spread awareness on TB

Siraha, July 10:

The Siraha district public health office has been mobilising former TB patients to raise awareness on the disease. One such volunteer is Ram Kumar Yadav. After recovering from the disease, he is busy raising awareness on the disease. He enlightens villagers on symptoms of tuberculosis and the treatment process.

“Taking into account the rise in the number of TB patients in Phulbariya over two years, we have been encouraging former tuberculosis patients like Ram Kumar to make people aware of the disease,” an official at the Siraha district public health office, Rajbir Yadav, said, adding: “If a tuberculosis patient skips DOTS (Direct Observation Treatment System), then the patient will have to pay a heavy price for treatment. The awareness campaign is helping a lot.”

“There are 43 TB patients in the village. Many of the patients have communicable TB, which means we should step up efforts to prevent the spread of the disease,” in-charge of the sub-health post in Phulbariya, Kameshwor Yadav, said.

The Siraha DPHO said the number of TB patients is higher in the VDCs north of the Mahendra highway. In one case four members of a family were found suffering from the disease last year, he said.

“I and two of my daughters recovered after opting for DOTS for eight months,” Ratna Bahadur said, adding, “My wife is still suffering from the disease.”