Dhangadhi remained tense after general strike enforcers of Dahal-Nepal faction clashed with Oli supporters defying the strike this afternoon.

Tension erupted after the strike enforcers seized the key of a car driven by a student leader affiliated to the Oli faction in Dhangadhi of Kailali district. Following the incident, Chauraha in Dhangadhi remained tense after which the administration heightened security to thwart any untoward activities.

Following the incident, Oli-faction cadres chanted slogans and demanded with the other NCP splinter group to release the seized key. However, the strike enforcers remained adamant in not returning the key accusing them of defying the general strike today.

Dahal-Nepal faction of the ruling party had called for the strike in protest after officials of constitutional bodies were sworn in on Wednesday without parliamentary hearings.