Bara, November 26

Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Co-chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal today said he was ready to stage a hunger strike for development and prosperity of the Tarai-Madhes.

Addressing a mass meeting organised by Nepal Communist Party Province-2 Committee at Nijgadh in Bara, Dahal held that he would not shy away from launching agitation for the prosperity of the Tarai.

Dahal indicated that contractors were standing as obstacle to development and urged the government to act against them. “If the government does not take initiative, I shall stage hunger strike. I shall stand by you in the journey of development and prosperity,” he added.

Dahal mentioned people from the Tarai were committed to change, national security and nationality for centuries. He pledged to provide support for Tarai’s development and prosperity.

He reiterated that he had fallen in love with the Tarai-Madhes and no efforts would be spared for its development and happiness.

Dahal reminded that construction of Postal Highway had started after he held dialogue with the Indian prime minister when he became prime minister for the first time. Stating that work on fast-track was under way on war footing, Dahal expressed confidence that the expressway would be completed within the deadline.

Dahal informed that 1,476 families of Tangiya at Bara’s Nijgadh would be relocated and the second international airport would be built at Nijgadh within the deadline.

At the programme, Deputy Prime Minister Ishwor Pokhrel said the government wanted to bridge the gap between Kathmandu and the Tarai through development. Pokhrel argued that agricultural production from Tarai would be used to satisfy the hunger of the nation.