Dairy farmers hand out free milk to protest over price fall

CHITWAN: Dairy farmers in Chitwan District have spilt and handed out free milk to commuters as a protest over salami slicing of commission by Dairy Development Corporation.

Farmers associated to coordination committee of Ratnanagar Dairy Producers Cooperative on Monday handed out free milk to pedestrians and commuters resting at East-West Highway.

Earlier, dairy farmers in Rapti Municipality and Khairahni Municipality had spilt 440 litres of milk at E-W Highway.

The farmers are agitated after the state-owned corporation sliced the TS Commission provided to dairy cooperatives from Rs 6.92 per litre to Rs 3 per litre, a week ago.

Out of the total commission, the cooperatives allotted Rs 3 per litre to milk suppliers and used the remainder as working capital.

In this backdrop, Chair of Dairy Cooperatives Association, Chitwan, Hari Har Subedi has urged the state to roll back its decision to reduce commission citing that the state should rather be providing the farmers with subsidies and benefits.

Nonetheless, the protests will be intensified if the decision is not rolled back, Subedi warned.

Likewise, Subedi has accused the government of not controlling prices of cow feeds and medicines but reducing benefits to farmers.

According to official stats, 250, 000 litres of milk is produced in Chitwan daily.