Dairy, vegetable and fruit farming transforming lives in Baskuna

Beni, June 15

People of Baskuna of Beni Municipality-4 are aiming to develop the village as a food and fruit production hub.

Most migrant workers, who have returned home after working in foreign countries for years, have set up dairy farms, while others have taken up cattle and vegetable farming.

They are collectively working to transform the village into a food and milk zone.

Local Shyam Khatri had initiated the campaign by rearing buffaloes and taking up vegetable and fruit farming. Now other people in the village have also followed suit.

Tilak Gurung has conceived the idea of developing the village as a milk and fruit production zone.  He has even set up Kenjan Multipurpose Cooperative Ltd to provide the loan to local farmers.

Gurung once worked as a migrant in Saudi Arabia. But now he earns up to Rs 1.2 million annually. He says his annual income surpasses the money he earned in a foreign land in six years.

The village is suitable for milk production and vegetable farming, he said.

Likewise, Man Bahadur Khatri who decided to return home after working in Qatar for six years now earns up to Rs 50, 000 by selling milk. He has five buffaloes.

Farmers of Baskuna have started earning over Rs 50,000 monthly and their efforts have set examples for people of other villages.