What will operate and what will not -


Following a significant rise in the number of COVID-19 cases, District Administration Office (DAO), Parsa, has decided to impose a week long prohibitory order under the recommendation of the District COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee (DCCMC), to contain the virus from spreading in the area.

According to Pitambar Ghimire, Chief District Officer of Parsa, the prohibitory order will be imposed as per Article (2) of the Infectious Disease Act 2020 and Article 6 (3) of the Local Administration Act.

"The prohibitory order will be implemented from 5:00 am on Thursday till midnight of May 5," CDO Ghimire shared.

The meeting has also decided to restrict the movement of people except in emergency situations. Mass gathering in conference, meetings, training seminars, cinema halls, party palaces, swimming pools, shopping malls, local weekly markets, recreation parks, hair salons, beauty parlours, fitness centres, libraries, among others will also be banned.

However, people organising ritual functions such as weddings, bratabanda will have to take permission from the local authorities, abide by safety protocols, and not involve more then 15 people.

Likewise, the DOA has also banned the movement of private vehicles including two-wheelers during the lockdown. However, vehicles belonging to security forces, ambulances, essential item carriers, vehicles used in COVID-19 response, and pass holders will be allowed to move in the district.

Beside pharmacies, grocery shops, others businesses will remain closed. Meanwhile, shops dispensing food items will be allowed to operate till 10:00 am in the morning, abiding with safety protocols.

If anyone is found violating the prohibitory order, they will be punished as per the existing laws, CDO Ghimire warned.