Construction of stadium has already been proposed for Markichowk 

Damauli, May 7

Aanbukhairani Rural Municipality has expressed discontent over Gandaki Province government’s decision to build a fuel storage centre at Markichowk in Tanahun.

The rural municipality has urged the provincial government to look for an alternative place to construct the fuel storage facility.

A Cabinet meeting of the province had decided to build the storage centre at Markichowk, which has already been proposed by the rural municipality for construction of a stadium. “The provincial government took a decision to this effect despite the rural municipality’s frequent requests,” said rural municipality Chair Gir Bahadur Thapa. He said they would protest against the government if their requests were not heeded.

The rural municipality has proposed to construct a stadium on 60 ropani land and has been allocating budget for the same every year. In the current fiscal itself, the rural municipality allocated Rs 12 lakh for the stadium. According to the rural municipality office, separate letters have been sent to the federal and provincial governments stating that the place is not suitable for a fuel storage centre.

Locals of Aanbukhairani said construction work on the stadium had already begun.

Land Recognition Committee, Tanahun, had recommended Udimdhunga of Suklagandaki Municipality and Markichowk of Aanbukhairani to build the storage facility.

Spokesperson for the provincial government Ram Saran Basnet said Markichowk was recommended after the government decided to buy a private land for the storage centre. He said the provincial government was planning to build a 90,000 litre capacity fuel storage centre with help from the Chinese government.