Nepali Congress (NC) president Girija Prasad Koirala has said that the security forces will get more help if the NC moves ahead unitedly.

Laying the foundation stone for the B P Memorial building to be constructed by the NC Rupandehi District, here on Monday, Koirala said as the Maoists have also been isolated internationally, they can not get protection from any quarters.

"All the political parties and democratic forces should bring them to talks by making the security forces active in attacks against them," he said. "The more the talks are delayed, the more the foreigners will interfere our internal matters."

He reiterated the broader democratic alliance as the only alternative which can give a way out to the present circumstances, he said, adding that the objective of the unity is to bring reforms, end corruption and fight terrorism by uniting all the democratic forces.

"The Maoists should not link their movement to the people as they destroy the physical infrastructure meant for the people," said Central member of NC Ram Krishna Tamrakar.

Minister of state for Finance Bharat Kumar Shah said that the Maoists have been destroying the development infrastructures after being demoralised because of the success of the security forces.

"We should boost the morale of the security forces living in the jungles and fighting the terrorists," said Minister of state for Local Development Duryodhan Singh Chaudhari.

Nepal Tarun Dal central president Bal Krishna Khand outlined the need of more sensitivity and commitment of the governemnt to the improve the economic condition of the country and curtail their own salaries at a time when the country is failing to sustain the increasing security and administrative expenses.

The two-story building will be constructed at a cost of Rs. 8,400,000 on five Kathas of land at Sewapath in Siddarthanagar municipality - 5.