Demand for madrassa board

Nepalgunj, July 6:

The Islamic Association of Madrassas today submitted a memorandum to Minister of Sate for Education and Sports, Mohan Singh Rathaur, urging him to constitute a madrassa education board.

President of the association Abdul Jabbar Manzari led the delegation which submitted the memorandum.

The five-point charter of demands of the association includes the complaint that the government has been ignoring the demands of the Muslim community and a threat to launch

an agitation if the community’s demands are not heeded.

The memorandum also demanded that the government allot a budget to the formally recognised madrassas, modernise and regulate traditional education, bring about reforms, grade teachers according to ability and expertise and give recognition to the documents of maulanas, hafizes and qaaris working in madrassas.

Rathaur told the delegation that the government was serious about meeting the demands

of the community and that it was working to fulfil them.