Demand to ensure 50% participation of women

TULSIPUR: Women in Dang district have demanded to ensure their proportional participation from local to central levels in the new constitution.

At an interaction programme in the district, they said that 50 per cent participation in local bodies, 40 per cent in provincial level and 30 per cent in central level was needed.

They said that women’s participation was a must in the council of ministers too in accordance with the principle of inclusiveness.

Rights activists and lawmakers said that the new constitution should also ensure women participation in the constitutional bodies in a dignified manner.

They suggested that end to gender-based violence and their reproductive right should be incorporated in the fundamental rights of the new constitution.

Likewise, they were of the view that provision of granting citizenship under the name of mother or father should be kept instead of giving it under the name of mother and father.

Speaking at the programme, lawmaker Anita Devkota, Anarkali Miya and Rekha Sharma pledged to incorporate the suggestions in the new constitution received from women.