Demo seeking action against ‘killer’

Dhangadi, November 19

A demonstration was staged in Dhangadi today seeking action against the murderer of Bijaya Thapa, 25, of Shivapuridham in Dhangadi sub-metropolis.

The demonstration held at the initiative of Bijaya Thapa Judicial Struggle Committee saw the participation of locals along with the victim’s parents. Slogan-chanting demonstrators had rallied from Dhangadi’s Traffic Chowk to the district administration office demanding action against the murderer. Thapa’s body was found from near the Dhangadi-based province chief’s office on Friday night. Ashish Sethi of Dhangadi, who was found with the body was arrested. Police are yet to discover the cause of death.

The struggle committee chairperson Devraj Joshi said there was a design to get the culprit off the hook. “At a time when the culprit has been arrested, police are dithering from taking action against him,” he said, adding the agitation was to pile pressure on the police to not let the culprit go off the hook.

As per the agitation programme, a district bandh has been called tomorrow.

According to Kailali District Police Office DSP Hari Oli, they have arrested persons against whom an FIR has been filed.

“We’re investigating the incident; there’s no way the perpetrator can get away with the crime,” the DSP said.