Desterted iron ore mine

The iron ore mine at Those bazaar in the north-eastern part of Ramechhap district which was closed since the last 65 years has never been reopened.The iron ore mines had been set up with British cooperation by bringing equipment from Kolkata during the period of prime minister Dev Shumshere JB Rana.The iron ore from the mines used to be processed in the local market and used for making guns and khukuris for the war and other equipment, according to Lalit Bahadur Karki of Those VDC.The local people are still using two suspension bridges built over Khimti River with the iron produced from the mines of Ramechhap district today.Likewise the oil-fed lamps made from the local iron, in the shapes of cock and hen are still being used by the people of the rural areas.The equipment for the mine purchased at a cost of Rs 125,000 are being sold by the government at the cost price of scrap iron. Some of the equipment are found lying scattered at Those bazaar.Jhoreni, Kholakharka, Bhigi, Maidane, Paheli, Singati, Lamchane, Kubu, Patle, Dagardigar, Chuchure Daduwa, Bigu, Sotre, Sanobhitri, Kapase and Biraute were famous for their iron ore, according to elderly persons of the district. Those bazaar which remained deserted after the closure of the iron ore mines has started to expand these days after a fair weather road was built from Jiri of Dolakha to those bazaar of Ramechhap district and the travellers going to Namche Bazaar pass through this bazaar.