Deuba emerges stronger after crucial CWC meet

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, January 2:

Prime Minister and President of Nepali Congress (Democratic) Sher Bahadur Deuba has successfully bulldozed his way through the party by getting the desired decisions passed by the central committee at the end of the meeting which ended yesterday. This became evident from the party decisions which were formally publicised amid a press conference today.

While the marathon meeting which got underway last Sunday had witnessed Deuba coming under tremendous pressure to suggest the revival of the House of Representatives, the party subsequently settled for elections as the way out.

However, senior central member of the party Gopal Man Shrestha claimed that the party president has assured “the party that he would convene the meeting to pave the way for the revival of parliament if the need arises.” Apparently, Deuba was given leeway on the issue of finding a way out of the current imbroglio with a view to avert a scenario in which he could co-opt for a “much worse alternative if the party leaders are relentless in wielding pressure on him.” In yet another victory for Deuba, he has finally convinced the party leaders on the issue of not singling out October 4, 2004 as an instance of regression setting in. Inter alia, the political document, which was finally endorsed has, however, billed the fatal move as “undemocratic” while the comeback of Deuba has been billed as something which has put the “constitution back on its track.” Moreover, the party has claimed that it has the desired constitutional legitimacy since it has the backing of four parties even as it has insisted that it is ready to go to any extent in dialogue with the Maoists if only they would come for talks.

Meanwhile, the central leaders have consistently stressed that Deuba should go for reinstatement and thus free the party from political stigma.