Deuba pledges to free NC of betrayers

Chitwan, June 18

Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba today pledged to free the party of betrayers.

Inaugurating a two-day training programme organised by Nepal Dalit Union, Chitwan, in Bharatpur, Deuba said that there was no time to tolerate betrayers inside the party. He pledged to unite the party and bring it back in its previous glory. He said that party had lost in 25 constituencies in the last parliamentary polls due to intra-party rift and some betrayers inside the party.

Deuba reiterated the party could not succeed due to intra-party betrayal. “How long can we put up with such betrayers? Can the party win as long as they are in the party?” he asked. Deuba blamed party leaders and cadres of changing their opinions and ideas regarding the party’s fiasco in the polls. “When I asked you to cast votes for Renu, you refused. But, when asked not to vote Nepal Communist Party Co-chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal, you voted for him. What kind of betrayal is this?” Deuba questioned.

Deuba asked all candidates to figure out the causes behind electoral loss. He said NC cadres had not voted for the then CPN-Maoist candidates when they had forged a poll alliance in the civic polls. Deuba vented ire on party leaders saying they had objected to NC’s poll alliance with the then CPN-Maoist Centre in the civic and provincial polls. “Now the party has lost polls and they throw all blame on the party leadership.”

He said that NC could have forged electoral alliance with the then CPN-MC in the federal and provincial polls. “Some leaders made poll alliance in Bharatpur a national issue. Consequently, Pushpa Kamal Dahal forged a poll alliance with the then CPN-UML,” Deuba added.