Deuba, Singh undecided on legal option

Kathmandu, August 2:

President of the Nepali Congress (Democratic) Sher Bahadur Deuba and senior leader Prakash

Man Singh are still “confused” over whether they should move the Supreme Court (SC) against the Royal Commission for Corruption Control (RCCC) decision or “continue to fight it out politically.” Since the issue is snowballing into a crisis in the party, it may take a couple of more days before there is any word on the future course on the issue. The crisis has mounted since some in the party have tended to suggest that Deuba and Singh, both of whom are currently in custody, should continue to fight politically, while the rest insist that the leaders should move the SC. Sources claimed that Deuba is personally keen to move court, although this could not be independently confirmed.

Party legal adviser Shree Hari Aryal informed of a “series of serious consultations” with legal experts and leaders on the issue before there is any decision. Central member, Homnath Dahal, confirmed “serious legal discussions” with the party legal cell. He agreed that the political fight would yield international as well as internal support and would have a greater impact. India, too, has termed the RCCC action “regrettable” that would only “complicate efforts for reconciliation.” An advocate close to Deuba and Singh, Prakash Raut suggested that they file a habeas corpus at the SC, which he argued would be the best possible option for their release.